Sunday, August 31, 2008

First day of blogging * Hello and Welcome*

Hello readers, I am first all time blogger, have read many bloggs to date, but could not get myself to do one....well it is about time..I have a new passion hobby, crochet. Love it to bits, work on a project at any given let me asure I will try and blogg most days as I love to crochet

I am working on many unfinished objects (ufo) and start some new ones as they come to mind

I am in process of completing a blanket. Finished of the strips, 5 of them with 5 blocks of different purple, light, dark and mix of the two. Now I am stitching them together with mattress stitch. When finished will post a picture.

Well for now I will go and chat to ya later.....  Have a great day :)

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