Sunday, September 7, 2008

Finished blanket

Hello readers, what a morning, updating and adding item to my etsy store. Great stuff.

Guess what I have completed, finished, finito my purple blanket, ok I have to be frank, I loom knitted this one, it is beautifull. Used two colors of purple, dark and light, and a combination of the two, with fringes on top and bottom. Made from 100% acrylic yarn, from Carnival, 8ply. Used two strands of yarn to loom knit this project, on the large loom. You make 5 strips, with variations of three colors. Then sew them together and add fringe. I had a great time making this blanket. Got the pattern from this book: 'Learn to Knit on Circle Looms' 10 easy projects by Denise Layman, on page 28 and its called 'Relaxing Afghan'.

I enjoyed this project so much that I am considering making another with different colors, I want bright colors, I like to see Yellow, just cannot make up my mind what the other two colors whould be.  

Any ideas ??

I seem to stick to acrylic, its not as harsh as wool, yet still soft

Hmmm, considering crochet another project, thinking another pouch for phone, maybe light blue with yellow border using the star stitch, with flat and a button and maybe a strap.  See how that goes if it turns out nice might put it up on etsy.


Oh another thought comes to mind, love to do another beanie hat. Still contemplating colors, just love making them, easy half double crochet stitch, going inbetween the posts. I can do one in a day. Have to show some pics of the ones I have made.

Anyways here are the pics of the blanket

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Heather said...

You could try orange... maybe a light orange and a dark orange? That would be bright and work nicely with yellow.. :)