Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Copper Wire obsession Continues


Well the title says it all, my obsession with copper wire still staggers around with me.  I have made a couple of rings, just with the wire, by coiling them around, I make it up as I go along. Thats what I love about it, I am creative and there is no set design, just whatever inspires on the spot as I am making whatever I feel like making.

These two are my favourites. I wear them on my right hand. I tried to take photo with my left, but that was not working out, so I put them on my left hand and got good shots.

Here they are.

I would like to acknowledge publicly, that my friend, Lisa, 

from buyhappiness has inspired me to start creating with copper wire, from her love of creating rings. She has beautiful and unique rings in her etsy store, please check them out. 

Lisa also sells and makes beads, check them out here and has tutorials on utube on how to create some of these rings .

Lisa is a great talented soul and an inspiration.

Thank you Lisa.

Thank you all for reading and come back soon

Cya for now MonikaRose :)  

Have a great day and night, wherever you are in this big world of ours.

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