Thursday, October 23, 2008


Hello , I am having a great time here, creating all these snow flakes, that Teresa  has taught us.

I call this shot the snowystacker, t'was so cute when I started stacking them I had to shoot them

I did the bigger ones with 4mm hook and the smaller ones with 2.50mm hook. The smaller hook is new for me, it was the first hook I bought when I started crocheting but I have never used it before, because it is so small.  

But I took the first step when I found the new 100% bamboo yarn. This yarn is thin and suggested to use 3mm hook, I only had the 2.50mm, so I thought I would give it a shot and try a mobile phone pouch with this bamboo yarn. Still not done, the stitches are small and it takes longer to make, so each day I make few rows.  Nearlly there, maybe another 4 rows to go.  Then I have to ponder wheather to make a flap or just leave it open for quick access !  Anyways here is the pic.

I have also completed a coin purse that I originally wanted to put into my store but I love it so much I decided to keep for it myself. It was unfinished for a while, all stitched up but no closure for the top.  Yesterday I was in the mood and decided to put a lining inside and a zipper and some hanging charms that I created myself to go with. I love it to bits. Love the texture, it is so soft and a bit fluffy in a dark green color. Great stuff. I am getting used to putting in linings and zippers.

I decided to put one into my favourite mobile pouch. (I do not have pic yet). Not bad, I am getting better and the zipper, found a good way to hand stitch them in. So cool and fun. Will have to get more lining material, there are so coool and funky designs from BigW.

I have couple of new listed creations in my store, check them out. Two skinny scarfts, great colors.

Well for now have a great day and night wherever you are in this big wide world of ours. :)

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The Lone Beader said...

I like your colourful snowflakes! Nice work! :D