Saturday, December 27, 2008

G'day, Check this Out


Beautiful sunny and hot day here in Aussie Land, Melbourne, Victoria, on 28th of December @ 1pm

How was everyone's Xmas? Did you receive what you wished for and more....

Mine was great, I received all I wished for. Thank you. :)

Guess What?

Another great suprise for me and again I feel special, for being picked by WickedChildDesigns for her etsy Treasury.  Check it out here.  She has choosen to include my phone pouch (my listing in my etsy store) , which has the highest number of views.  Thank you.

This is awsome, two great specials happening to me for xmas.  Thank you so much, I appriciate all.  Plus a sale in my etsy store. Fantastic and my presents. I am on top of this world. :)

I will update on my crochet and Fillet/Doilly projects soon, so keep in touch.

Have a great day and Fantastic New Year :)


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