Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crochet Updates and New Projects

Hello readers, it is 4pm here on 11th jan 09 and very hot outside, inside, not so bad.

How are you?

I have crochet some.....and looming some projects

I have turned, Simply Elegant Crochet Motif & Needle Case, into a simple crochet with yarn, coaster or placement under vases. Using two colors, main color white with alternating in blue, green, yellow and soon with red.  I have many color variations on mind for this great creation by Teresa, click here for her vid and here for written instructions.

I am hooked on this one for a while, I am planning to make a few with different mixed colors and solid colors.  They are easy, fun and quick to make. By crochet with diff hook sizes I can create variations on size.

I have a pic....somewhere on my phone....which I have to transfer..... :)

If you have the time try one for yourself. we go...hooking up the phone now... 4:17pm...waiting for pics to transfer to pc...4.19pm....@4.28pm came back from putting out load of washing (i know a bit late you thinking, so what, its hot and sunny and its a boring day, Hubby at work)... (: .. tada.. download done and here are the pics.....   :O) (sorry for rambling on, one of those funny days.)

Here is the one with the blue. ( I have not taken pic yet of the green and yellow). Made with 3.50mm crochet hook using Lincraft Double Knitting Yarn, in white and light blue.

Here are a couple of other coasters I have crochet

Here is the Snow Storm Doilly, made in Dark Blue, 2ply acrylic yarn. I have made in purple and green mix (pics soon).

Circlular Knitting Looms

I have three (3) loom projects going...three scarfs actually

Two in this gorgeous, soft and warm acrylic yarn, named Veronica, in bluish and greyish color. The third in polyester also soft and in color of greens and whites.  I have a pic, easier than trying to explain the patterns.  Look and feel better in life. Not much light in the house. Cannot wait till they are completed and wraped around my neck. 

and here is a pic of Puss, my puddy cat, in/on plastic bag with wooden pegs..strange but cute.

and that is all for today, have a great one :) smile and be happy and go and hug your loved ones


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Rosebud Collection said...

What a great project..I bet that would make a beautiful tablecloth.
They are beautiful..The cat is adorable too..