Friday, January 2, 2009

Great Wishes for the New Year and Updates

G'day from DownUnder, it is almost 11am here on the 3rd of Jan 2009. Lovely weather outside, sunny and warm.

Hope everyone had a great and happy and safe new year celebrations.... :)

I have updated  my store,  a new special on the most viewed item...check here.

I am working on a fresh banner for the store, not a big change, just a few new pictures of items. 

I have completed a few doilly's. The ROse is blocked and laying a dressing table with the Scottish Dogs, along with a purple SnowStorm.  Will post pic at some stage.

I love creating the SnowStorm, easy to follow instructions and the last round makes ripples in the doily.  I have made one in purple with cotton thread.  Also created one in green mix acrylic. I will have to do few more. Love  the look of snowstorm.  I can use different thread or acrylic yarn and different size hooks to create different sizes in the snowstorm doily.  Will post pics soon.

Also on the crochet side I am still stitching up the seed stitch green scarf, it is very long at the moment and should be finishing up soon.

On the knitting loom I have a very soft thickish acrylic bluish greenish scarf. Looks great at the moment, enjoying every minute.  Will post pic soon...i promise.

For now that is all, but I will share few pics on my travels the other day...thanks for reading.

I love taking photos close up and different angles.

Have a great day :)  MonikaROse


Rosebud Collection said...

My Dear Monikarose..put a thank you up on my blog..I didn't do all I was suppose to..So sorry I am late in the
thanking you..I don't know what happened to me..With the holidays and all I was very sloppy in blogging..Trying to start the New Year off better..Have a wonderful New Year and best of luck in your shop..

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Love the purple colour!

U r a smart handcrafter, Lady? I just envied looking ur arts!

Have afr8 Sunday!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

G´day mate!

Be my guest. No worries at all. What are friends for.

Thanks for always coming by and I do appreciate it.

Hugs from a very cold city Stockholm @ 12.10am w/ a -7.5deg below zero. Arrggg....