Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Way too Hot in Aussie Land

G'day to you all, how are you? YOu would not believe the weather here in Aussie Land, Victoria, Melbourne!!  Today they say will reach 44 deg celcius, are they joking or what and yesterday was hot, 40.  Aaah, I will jump in my helichopper and go to the coldest region known to man, The Archtic, wanna join me?

Try and sit thru a room, no airconditioning (stuffed, needs to be topped up!), with just a small fan in your face. That will do for now, until I drop in my own puddle of sweat.

No worries ladies and gentlemen, I am ok.

With this heat, I manged to put together a bookthong, with the purples. Nice I think. Shall take shots and place in my store. Got another two in the greens.

Working on a Doilly set for my shop. I know the snowstorm and some coasters will be great, new items to share with the world. I cannot wait till finished.

Well that will be all for now, I hope everyone is alright with all the weather they are getting from mother nature.  

Have a Great Day :)



Heather said...

Sorry you're burning up! You don't have to go to the Arctic to cool off, though. Why don't you try coming to Kentucky in the US? We just had an ice/snow storm. A lot of us don't have power (thankfully, we do) and it's a balmy 22 degrees F (but it feels like 13). For you, that would be -5 celsius (feels like -10)!!!

Rosebud Collection said...

I did read in the paper that it was very hot in sorry. You know, that is just as bad as, too cold. Wish we could share a little of each others wouldn't it be perfect?