Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Pics and Updates

Hello, how is everyone?

Me I am doing great..been travelling and I have few pics to show.

Had a wonder valentine's day, bunch of flowers and a card, just beautiful.

On the crocheing side..not much..progressing on the flower doilly, slow but getting a few rows done each day.   Crocheted few mobile phone pouches for myself.  Also making few granny squares, from multicolored yarn, the same size, thinking of sewing them together, either for a throw onto the bed to add color or a table runner. Just cannot decide what color to stitch them with. THe squares are all different colors.  Any ideas? Solid color I was thinking.

Went to the local library to borrow few novels to read, just to keep my mind occupied.  "The Guardian" by Nicolas Sparks, which I am reading at the moment.  

A SciFi,"Garden of Rama" by Arthur C Clarke and Gentry Lee.

Another two that follow up on the "Pride and Prejudice" novel by Jane AUstine. "Mr Darcy takes a Wife" by Linda Berdoll and THe Diary that Mr Darcy kept, "Mr Darcy's Diary" by Maya Slater.

I have seen the movie "Pride and Prejudice", fell in love with it. Tried looking for the novel by Austine, but could not locate in the library, even though it said was there.  But instead I found the other two, which I am quite satisfied to read.

Well that is all and here are the photos I promised.

I personally love the moss on the wooden post, great shot. I like the extreme, taking shots different ways...have to do more.

Have a great and wonderful week... :)



Sarah said...

Last week I heard something about wild fires there, hope all is well. Just know that even those of us far away in America are keeping the Aussie's in our thoughts!ingdt

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

What a great job you had, Monika!

Love the nature and yeah! the moos on the rocks is just beautiful. No more words to say!

Have a nice morning & day ahead!

Keep in touch, always...

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Wow!!! you done a great job, Monika.

Love the nature, specially, yeah the moss. Makes the thing more dramatic.

Lovely & can't say more words on them. Just perfect!

Have a nice morning and day ahead.


Leah said...

beautiful pics, I love the first 2 the most!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Hello Monika,

Nice to see you at my SS day. Hope you enjoyed the dinner §:-))

DOn't forget to bring the award in your room, k?

Did you had a great w/end? Hope so...
See you around, girl!

Hugs from a snowy Stockholm