Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pouches and more Pouches

Hello how are you all on this lovely sunny day on the 30th of April on a Thursday?

I am good, crocheting mobile phone pouches, until they are coming out of my ears, hahaha :) I am using the colored yarn that I bought last week, remember the ones that are still in their bag and waiting for instruction...

Well here they are :)
I also decided to make another beanie, using a 4.00mm hook and one of the colored yarns I bought, the brown pink one, 8ply, acrylic 100%. I have never made a beanie with 4.00mm hook. I wanted to try, to make the stitches smaller and tighter, so I get a more closed beanie. I used the same pattern as I have for all the hats/beanie I make with the 6.50mm hook, except I continue the increase until the beanie is bigger enough to fit around the top of the head. Here it is :)

Whilst I was crocheting this I found that I was making a perfect circle with this pattern, so I have this fantastic thought of crocheting a rug or round placemats, will have to give it a shot, I was not able to make a proper circle until now. I even wrote all in my pattern book, so I do not forget, cannot wait to try out, using my left over yarns, have many colors too.

I was thinking with all these pouches to make some for my Etsy shop and I have started today, so keep an eye out for new pouches in my shop. Great variety of colors too.

I have made more resin shapes, I love the hearts, made some shapes out of tinted copper and used some tube and seed beads to decorate too. I also made another coaster, but turned the mold upside down, curious to what will come out, this was last night. I got the smaller shapes out of the mold, they look good, but the coaster I cannot take out, I put wax on the mold to make it easier to take out, because some of the coaster crack when taken out. But this one is not budging. So I put it outside in the sun to help the curing process, see how that goes today.

Sorry about the dark pics... anyways I will leave you to your day :)




Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

First of all, I'll say your amazing w/ your work. Am envious (again)

2ndly--- ha your quote! Cute...

Have a wonderful evening down-under!
Here is only 11.20am Thursday.

Cheers dear Mate!

Rosebud Collection said...

What wonderful work you are doing..I know I say this every time I visit you..You should feel very proud of yourself, you are using every gift your have to the max..Have a great weekend..