Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2000ft Above You

Hello, how are you today, on this cloudy morning, here in Aussie Land on the 6th of May, Wednesday?

I am great, I would like to talk to you about my Gliding experience number 2, on the 2nd of May, Saturday. I have a lot of photos to show you, so grab a cuppa and enjoy.

We got up early, about 7am. The day was beautiful, sunny, some clouds and a little bit of wind, great conditions for Gliding. We took off about 8:30am. This was the day that hubby was going to become member of the Grampians Soaring Club and have training in flying a Glider, this will take 3 certificates and about 40 hours of flying with an instructor. Whilst he be doing all that I would go up for a flight.

On the way, I took pics of the scenery, passing Ballarat.

On the way, we stopped by and saw the Wind Farm. They are so huge and beautiful, when we arrived there, not much wind, so they were not spinning as much. Sorry about the pics, not so good and this is with a 5megapixel camera on a portable PC. Not my usual 3mp digital camera, that takes much better and clear pics. There is a scenic tour that one can take to see around the Wind Farm, we will go next time.

This pic, I really like. The wind generators are on the right.
Back on the road towards the Soaring Club.
And here we are, just arrived. The entrance and the road leading to.
From the aerodrome you can see the Wind Farm.
Here are some of the sheds, part of the club.
Here is the AeroTow (Tug), that launches the Gliders. This plane is an Ex-cropduster Callair tug. This is the tug that launch me on my first Glider flight over the Grampians. Exhilarating feeling. With this tug you can be flown anywhere you want. But it is more expansive, $4.50 per minute. Love the tug. Only used the winch to launch this time.
This is the Winch that also launches the Gliders. The winch has 400 cubic inch Chev V8 engine. We both used the Winch to go up and hubby did a second launch with the aerotow, same as my first Glider flight. What an experience with the winch. So different to the tug. It is very quick to get you of the ground and it goes vertical, straight up, about 45 degrees angle. Throws you back into your seat and all you see is the sky, not to mention the ears popping. Gets you up very quickly and high about 2000ft. This was awesome, I was worried about falling backwards, but it was fantastic. I would do this again. Only six bucks a launch. Exhilarating feeling too. Love it.
This is the Glider we flew in. Two seater, I was in front and the pilot in the back. You can just make out the cable and its parachute in front.
See the little green car in the distance, this is the transport they have to get around the field. It is fabulous little car. They go and get the two cables from the winch, hook it up and drive them back to the spot where the Gliders get launched.

Here are the shots of when I got launched and the beautiful surroundings of the runway and around the club.

Here is the instrument panel in front of you. This was a two seater, I was in front and the pilot behind.
This is the vertical climb, all you see is clouds if you look straight ahead.
Here is the club and the runway.
Theses are the surroundings.

Picture below is the club, entrance from the main road. The long shed is where the Gliders and Planes are stored. The smaller sheds is the club house and where the Tug and Winch are stored.Coming in for a landing.
Touch down.
Here is hubby being launched with the AeroTow on his second training lesson. I could not catch the Winch launch, too quick a take off.

We both enjoyed ourselves and we are counting the days until the next time we go Gliding. The best way for hubby to receive his certificates to fly a Glider is to go regularly training, thus we are going to fly every week on Saturdays. This is fabulous because I am really loving Gliding and am able to go up, as hubby is doing his training. It is the most majestic, fantastic and exhilarating experience I have ever had in my whole life, thus Gliding is becoming my new passion. This flight was airsickness free, I was able to enjoy my time in the air of freedom at 2000ft above everything and everyone. I was already being asked by club members if I wanted to train to fly a glider, I said maybe/for sure in the future, for now I just want to fly and enjoy every minute being FREE.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my experience of Gliding. Please come back and read more of my next flight.

Have a Fantastic and Beautiful Day and look forward to your next adventure during the weekend coming. :)



Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

U there again? What an adventurer U are, indeed!

Cool thing, huh?

Hugs on this fantastic day!

Rosebud Collection said...

What a wonderful trip you took us on..Won't kid you..and I think I said this before..I would have been right there with you, in my younger days..now I am nervous flying in a commerical plane..Yep, I have become a whimp. I use to be a daring soul..but I am having a good time reading your blog and flying with you..Take care..

Greyscale Territory said...

Incredible, very special journey! The feeling must have been so very exhilerating!