Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Etsy Store Updates

Hello all, how are you today?

I am well and good! :) First of all, guess What? ..... I have turned that Fiery colored flat circle, that I was going to make rug or wall hanging, into a square, do not ask me why, just had the thought, to see what the project would look like. I also used a different color for the square, it is mixcolors of the blues. Looks OK so far. So, the center is a Fiery circle and the outside is the Blues square. Go figure.. Teresa has turned a circle into a square HERE. That is what I am trying to achieve. Maybe more placemats hmmmm......Pics later... ;)

I have been updating my Etsy Store

All shipping costs have beeen REDUCED

Some items in store reduced in price

All mobile/cell phone pouches $10 except bamboo
All beaded bookthongs $8, copper $4
All crocheted bookmarks $5.30, except one (were $7)
Charms/Zipper pulls $20 for 8, $12 for 4


and for God's sake buy something ;) !!
all prices in USD


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