Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday SSS #4

Hello and how are you on this lovely and gloomy Sunday, here in Aussie Land on the 24th of May?

I am excellent :)

Here is my SSS #4

This is a shot from yesterday, Gliding day number 3 for me. At the end of gliding, myself and hubby were heading back towards the club, crossing the runway and I noticed a couple of shadows of us two and I was thinking, since I had an excellent flight, this looks like an excellent shot for SSS.

If you would like to join in the fun for Shadow Shot Sunday, go visit HEy Harriet and check out here collages for shadow shots on Sundays.

Here is the story of my third gliding experience that inspired the shadow shot Sunday above.

I went Gliding on Saturday, yesterday and I love the sport even more. I love to Fly/Glide in the beautiful sky above me. I do not belong on this grounded earth bound life. I was 2800 feet above you and instead of taking photos whilst in the air, I was filming the whole experience, from take off to landing. Here are some shots from the day. I have been encouraged to learn to fly a Glider, but I need more flying experience to feel comfortable to take over. Next flight next Saturday.
Every time I go up I feel more at home, comfortable and enjoying every minute.

Ok this first shot is of me strapped in the Glider, getting my cam ready for filming, sitting at the front with the pilot behind me, ready for the flight.

Next being towed up by the AeroTow, weather not good for a winch lauch

This is the AeroTow coming in for a landing after letting us go

And here is my coming in for a Landing

Fabulous, exhilarating, magical, relaxing, enjoyable, beautiful, cool and majestic flight for me this time around. I shall have to have a flight without my cam's, so that I can fully relax and enjoy myself. This flight was 15 minutes, first flight 30min and second flight 10min. All with 3 different gliders and 3 different pilots.

This flight was at Ararat Aerodrome, Grampians Soaring Club, Victoria, Australia. If you are nearby go and have a flight it is the most magical experience you can have. Club is opened on the weekends and appointments during the week. During public holidays flights are at the Grampians and Port Fairy.

Here are some shots from my flight of the sky, from ground up

Thank you for dropping by and let me know if you will have a shot at being above 1000 feet in a majestically Glider.... :)




Brandi said...

I love you shadow shot! It's very sweet!
Have fun up there!

Hey Harriet said...

Very sweet shadows! I really enjoyed all the pics, especially the ones you took of the sky while hoonin' around up there in your glider! Sure looks like a fun hobby but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try. I'm happy to just enjoy your experiences from the comfort and safety of my chair ;D

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Great shots M! I would love to glid with you when am in Melb, next year tjihihi...

Have a happy SSS...

xoxo lots

Wicked Child Designs said...

cool shots dude :D

Sylvia K said...

Really beautiful shots! Surely does look like fun! Happy SSS!

Rosebud Collection said...

The shadow was great and so are all of your pictures..Love the sky..but I think I would enjoy taking pictures of the sky on the ground..The older I get, the more of a ninny I become..ha, ha..

The Explorer said...

I think you really have a great adventure there. I experience to be above 1000 ft. But unlike you, I am not in the plane I am at the top of the mountain. And I wish I can experience the same thing you had.


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