Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just Is !! :) Fab Day

Hello all, how are you? Today is Thursday 4th June.

Me great, guess what? Shaved me head again ;) Love it, the great feeling of freedom and tidiness!!

Anyways, I had a fantastic birthday yesterday. I received two beautiful and yummy cakes and couple of packets of apricot bites, yummy.. all from Cheesecake shop. Fantastic and candles. Presents will search together for a new digital camera (HD and 10/12 MP), will be fantastic for my Gliding days. Plus a movie on Friday (going to view new Terminator film). Overall, really happy with what I received and what I have in my life and the love of my hubby and his fabulous thoughts.

Beautiful open and clear sky with homing pigeons flying by

Have a fabulous day and weekend ahead :) MOnikaROse cya


Sarah said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your b-day! No, the 30's are not so bad. I actually had a harder time with 31 than 30 for some reason. Age is only a number and we are only as old as our spirits!

Rosebud Collection said...

So glad you had a great birthday..Shaved the head again, did you? Darn, you are a brave gal..
Liked the great picture of the birds too..Good job. I find any bird very hard to get a picture of in the air.