Friday, July 24, 2009

Gliding Day #6 - on the road - Gliding Time


Grab a cuppa and enjoy this long post with photos.

We are off gliding, it is a glorious day, sunny with clouds. We are traveling on the road, it is 11.09am and we are close to Ballart.

As always we are heading to Grampians Soaring Club, in Ararat Aerodrome, if you are nearby come by and join in the fun and go soaring with the most beautiful Gliders.

We were planning on a very early start to catch the sunrise and fog....but missed the early alarm..anyways it is good forecast for flying and we headed off about 9am. We caught the maccas breakfeast, good strong bacon and eggs mcmuffin meals with coffees. We just passing the town of Ballarat @ 11.15am.

Here is three pics for taste, McDonald's with the Petrol Station @ Rockbank, some clouds after breakky and the road sign heading of into Ballarat town.

It is 11.30am and there is heaps of sheep grazing to my left, the sun is out and the clouds are scattered. To my right are the wind farms and hills.

This is so far, will update soon, just want to post this up. At the end of the post there is What ya Think question with three answers, beautiful, interesting and cool, you may tick all or just one, let me know what you think of this post.

cya soon.

Hi, its 11.50am and we just passed thru the town Beaufort, here are a couple of pics.

Cool we are nearlly there, when you can see the mountains on the right and the wind farms on the left and in front then we are close, it is 11.58am. Here is a pic of the mountains.

More sheep grazing on the left and right, cool, lots of green grass. Very sunny now.

Ararat 18km away, the club is before the town, we are close.
Ararat now 10km away, there is railway line on the right @ 12.11pm.
Here is a pic of the railway line.

We have arrived and it is 12.15pm, few people around, hope we will get few flights in today, looks good, there is wind but not too strong, should be are pics of the Petrol Station next door and the entrance to the Club.

I will leave you for now and go and do some soaring, catcha later.. :)

MonikaROse @ 12.20pm

Hi, it is 2pm and we are flying today :) :):):):):):):):):):):):)
One member has gone up twice and another is ready to take off at this moment, the tug has just landed. I might be up next, not unless hubby is ready to go up. A bit windy but alright for flying today, not much lift so not sure how long we can stay up there. The sun is out but it is on the chilly side. You guys should see the take off's today, crosswind. God the wind is shaking the car, that is where I am now, nice and warm. The Pouchaz is gliding today, great glider. Here are some pics.

Goota go, I am up next, Pouchaz coming in :)

Sorry false alarm, gentleman is going up on his own, but my turn is up. It is amazing I have butterflies in my stomach, I have been up before, but I think it is this cross wind that is scary, you should see when they take off, blown to side and hubby is a chook he will not go up next, wants to go last, I think he is chook about the cross wind. using both runways today, one side to take off and the other to land with the tug. More butterflies.... it is 2.16pm, the tug just landed. Why am I just shitting myself at the moment.....!!!!!!! I just had half a bannana, hope that stays in.....not sure not sure !!!!!

Gota go he is coming in....oh dear...see ya later dudes...@ 2.20p

Hi, I am back and it is 5.30pm and we are headed home, we left at 5pm.

Yes and I flew, actually I was soaring at 5500feet , now that is high. I wanted to go above the clouds and thats where we were. Wow, fabulous, magestic and breathtaking. I have pictures.. We are in Beaufort @ 5.33pm at it is still light out.

There was cross wind on the take offs and landings but once you get up there it was very smooth, that I even took the controls today. Was fantastic, just for short time and tried my hand in turning the glider using the ruder. Was excellent day few flights made, everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the tug pilot, he loves the heights, big smile from one ear to the other, mine too, I went up for 32 minutes. The tug pilot said "I love my job".

Hubby did excellent handled the take offs and landings very well considering the crosswind, he made two flights, the second was just a circuit. He was very happy and so was the instructor. Brings him closer to being a glider pilot.

Here is some pics for taste, will do a collage tonight or tomorrow of the days gliding.

This is the cloud we were heading for and into.
Well it is 6pm and it is getting dark I can almost not see my keyboard, I will leave this for now. We are having pizza tonight, yummy. I will catch up with you tomorrow for Shadow Shot Sunday. Hope you enjoyed your travels with me on this beautiful and magestic day of Gliding. I am anticipating my next flight...feel much better, had bit of nerves today. All in all a fantastic day.

Cya soon
MonikiaRose on the road again.
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