Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just a Few Favorites

Good morning, it is a lovely sunny day so far :)

I thought I might do a few favorites for a small treasury of six. Enjoy.They all are very creative and I love the colors in these chosen few. So please visit their stores and browse around you never know what will catch your eye, some have giveaways and specials.


ReinTree Designs

I am a college student that can't stay away from art, whethers it's buying it drooling over it or making it. And since I like to make it I figured why not sell it. Keep me in art supplies at least.

I have a giveaway going on it is being hosted by http://lolidots.com go check it out at http://lolidots.com/giveaways.php

Pretty Pink Petals


No Cats Allowed

I love all animals. Dogs are my favorite!!! I have two Yorkies, (Zoe and Jo Jo) and a big round cat named Uncleben (U.B. for short).I love to dress up the dogs in clothes. In the future I would love to make sweaters and accessories for cats so I can have my cat look as good as my dogs :-)

I am happy to do CUSTOM ITEMS (color, size, yarn. )

Purple Dog Sweater


Scented Luxuries

♥ Candles ♥ Soap ♥ Bath & Body Products ♥ Jewelry ♥

They say variety is the spice of life. I enjoy a wide variety of fragrances. What I carry in my fragrance line, usually depends on my own personal preference. I enjoy the sweet fragrances, the fruity and some earthy or floral fragrances, but the best ones are the well rounded blends of fruit, earth, floral and/or spice. You'll notice a lot of my fragrances have a little of everything

My taste in jewelry is simple, classic and understated. My designs are usually symmetrical and balanced, rather than asymmetrical. I adore memory wire. Especially since you can make bracelets that fit almost anyone! My prefered beads are gemstones and glass. I find jewelry making to be relaxing and meditative.

Free sample with every order. Combined shipping is always available. My shop is huge and I have lots of inventory.

Dr Pepper - Scented Flameless Candle


Uninvented Colors

I am inspired by nature, people, interesting places, God, language, artists, random objects, psychology, music, books, and life in general. I love the idea of making meaningful things out of seemingly meaningless materials, and I love finding beauty in the ordinary.

My collages are all one-of-a-kind, but photos are re-listed after they sell. If you'd like a photo print in a different size, just convo me.

Stone Arch in Winter


Les Minis De Dongedy

♥ I'm French and i'm a photographer.
♥ I like to catch smiles, love, emotions, childhood, expressions, art, graphism, colors, nature,and tiny worlds...: all those presents and treasures that life gives us.
♥ I would be proud to share them with you !

2 Giveaways
Heart Giveaway - a drawing for a $25 gift certificate and a Blog Giveaway - Win a 8x8 photo

Crop Circle


Spring Colors

Imagine a garden during spring. The grass is bright green, all the flowers in bloom in all the colors of the rainbow.

Now imagine all the colors of spring in crystals and beads around your neck. In my shop you will find necklaces and bracelets made of crystals and beads, expressing the joy, optimistm and beauty of spring.

Each item is carefully handcrafted to be a unique and original creation made with attention to detail, love and pride.

Purple Lace Set


Have a fabulous day
MOnikaORse ;)


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! Thank you very much for including my candle!

Rosebud Collection said...

Good job..The crop circle is interesting..The real ones really make me wonder.

springcolors said...

I Love all your pics, especially the crocheted dog jacket (even thought I'm a cat person myself).

I'm honored to be included in this mini treausy. It was a nice surprise comming home from vacation in Ireland and seeing this.

Waterrose said...

Great feature and artist!