Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cats on Tuesday

Cats on Tuesday


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Not long ago, beautiful sunny morning I was hanging up the washing and puss was around and a whole bunch of colorful parrots were on our apple tree. Puss, as usually just wanted to be picked up and held, that's all he wants these days, apart from food. Not to ignore him, I patted him etc, but I was more interested in the parrots. I wanted to take pictures of parrots and puss. The parrots were fine with us hanging around, no worries with Puss. So I got me camera and was getting closer to take shots of the parrots, I got as close as half a meter, maybe closer, as I was doing that Puss was around my feet. No worries, good harmony all around. But I think you can see Puss was annoyed, fustrated that I was not picking him up. Anyways here are few shots.

Have a great day


katztales said...

Amazing! Where do you live that you have these lovely parrots hanging about. And poor Puss! You'll be getting The Look for daring to ignore the fuzzface :-)

Luna said...

Welcome to COT!
Oh how lovely are the parrots. We don´t have those here free flying outside.Only in Zoo or Petshops.
But they did a mess with the apples in your tree ?
Your cat is beautiful. Did Puss try to hunt the parrots ? Ours would do if they could.

lupie said...

Great shots Monika!
Puss vs. Parrots for attention!
I am sure Puss gets plenty of it any other day (when Parrots are not around!)
Hugs to Puss

Rosebud Collection said...

How lucky to see such beautiful parrots in the trees. Birds are always a peaceful thing to watch.
Not the hawks..especially when they go after our little birds. I don't care what they say about "that is life"..maybe so, but I don't want to see it, so I chase them..Yep, this old gal will go out in the yard, clap hands and make noise. Not too loud..don't want the neighbors to worry about me..Your cat is beautiful. Great pictures.

Ebie said...

Ooh...Puss is not getting any attention...but I love your parrots!

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