Monday, September 21, 2009

Cats on Tuesday


Cats on Tuesday


Pictures of Puss today, Tuesday 22nd September
I have decided to go black and white, with my Nokia N95.
Just unfolding the day from the morning when he was let in.

Waiting and asking for food, being patted too

Waiting at the door to go out and be fed

Eating up meat and liver

After the meal, washing up
Love the nose, always smudged

Our lemon tree, sorry got distracted by the gorgeous yellow

Still washing in his box, for a while

Meowing at the door for more food

Lunch, some dry food

Of he goes and does his rounds in the front yard, cannot spot him in the backyard, so he must be out front, he has his usual spot in and under a tree

T'was a great morning, always love when Puss comes through the house, I tried to pick him up and cuddle him as he came in the front door, but no, he wants his breakfast first then cuddle, so he jumps down and heads for the kitchen.

After he had his breakfast, he was washing himself on the table and I was in front of him taking pictures, he kept reaching out with his paw, meaning he wants to be be picked up and cuddled over the shoulder, but I did not react, I wanted more photos, so he decided to jump, for the first time, aimed for the right shoulder and missed, need I say more. He is a great lander, tough and strong on his legs. I gave him a cuddle and he was happy and went on his merry way to clean himself some more and head off to the front yard.

It is now 4.30pm, no sign of him yet, the sun is out so I bet he is still in the front yard, sleeping and dreaming of catching that mouse that got away !

Hope you enjoyed our morning, cya next Tuesday :) for more adventures with Puss and I.

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Gattina said...

He is such a beautiful cat ! I prefer him in colors, his fur has such a nice color ! Yes breakfast is always very important ! it's the only moment of the day when ALL my five cats are in the kitchen, lol !

Luna said...

Thank you for showing us your morning! Love to observe what Puss is doing at the other side of the world.
The monocrom pictures are wonderful!
Wow you have a gorgeous lemon tree in your garden. We don´t have those trees here in northern Germany.

Happy Tuesday!

Cindy said...

Beautiful pictures. love the black and white effect on him. Nice lemon tree too.

Boo-Bah said...

He is a beautiful cat. I love to see cats washing themselves. I like the black and white pictures.
I hope Puss enjoyed his day in the sunshine.



Wow that lemon tree is cool! I liked the black and white pictures they
turned out lovely. Happy COT!

catsynth said...

Those are great black-and-white portraits. They have a really soft quality to them, the texture and lighting of the photo as well as the fur.