Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gliding Day #7


We went Gliding last Saturday, 12th Sep. The forecast was excellent in the morning when we left about 9.30am. By the time we arrived about 12pm the wind picked up and the winch with 400 cubic inch Chev V8 engine, was not suitable, but it was out and ready to go, the weather was excellent at 10am and the wind progressed through out the day. The tug was broken but will be fixed in a bit for some gliding in the afternoon.

The clouds were spectacular that day and I took lot of pics, which I have compiled into a collage, click to enlarge.

The glider, Puchacz, was ready and in position after lunch about 1.30pm. The wind was the same, no winch but the tug was on its way at 2pm. We got 3 flights in before a dark cloud was to set upon us, looking like it was going to rain with heavy wind. Thus the last flight was very short and had to turn around and come in. Gliders are light and can easily be lifted when their is strong wind. I got one flight which took 21 minutes and I video taped from take off to landing with a video camera. I also video taped with my 3mp dig cam when the tug taxied in and the glider being hooked up to take off. You should hear the rumble of the Ex-crop duster Callair tug, wow. Because of the dark cloud coming in hubby missed out on a flight this time. There was another gentleman that flew and twice, I still think hubby should have gone up, not fair. We get flights as we arrive in the club. So it was gentleman, me and then hubby but the bloke went again :(.

Overall the day was really good, great flight, as soon as we were disengaged from the tug, we were suspended in the air, just floating in one spot, so peaceful and serene, wow. Loved every moment. The weather was really warm up there, just got too hot, the sun was out. Way too hot, so we came in sooner than latter. Fantastic day :) The weather looks really good, sunny with clouds 22 deg cel for this coming Saturday. I think we will be going up again , I cannot wait, get more flights in :) Fabulous.

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You can visit the clubs website
Grampians Soaring Club
Also their new website
Grampians Soaring Club - Home of the Grampians Wave
Here is a great map location of the Aerodrome in Ararat Victoria Australia
Click here for the map

Have a Fantastic Day and
Weekend Ahead


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