Monday, October 5, 2009

Cats on Tuesday

Today I present to you Cats on Tuesday, Macro Shots and Update on Peg Bag

Cats on Tuesday


G'day folks, funny morning. Gloomy but happy ending.

Puss comes in, not a purr or meow, but tail up. Going to the kitchen, as usual, then the purring and meowing begin, lots of purrs and loud. Took food out of fridge and out we went. Puss very happy. He was purring as he was eating. Has anyone experienced that? Gloomy outside, no sun in sight. Rare occasion I left the door slightly ajar.

I see the sun come out partially at the backyard and I notice lots of water drops on the clothes line, from last nights and this morning rain. Wow, love to take some shots, close up. So I go back inside and get my tools. Dame cam will not focus on the drops. Aha, my Samsung Omnia has a macro setting and the sun is shinning. I am taking shots, but I have noticed that Puss is not around, he usually come around to find me after his meal, he should have finished by now. I do call him but no Puss.

I come around to check on him and he is no where in sight, thought he might have gone out front, then I swing around and notice the slight opening in the door, I bet he is inside. So I go in and call him and sure enough he comes around the corner, from his usual favorite room and chair, with this frightful and scared look on his face, I should have taken a shot, he knew he was not supposed to be inside and he was scared he was going to be yelled at.

Well, I was nice and I spoke to him and told him to come out with me because the sun is out and we can both warm up and he did.
So we went towards the back of the yard where the sun was, near the apple tree. Puss by my side, wanting me to pick him up and me taking macro shots of the water drops on leaves and the beautiful white flowers on the apple tree.

Below are the pictures of that time. Even my Mitz came out too. We all enjoyed our selves until the sun went away and I had plenty of photos. Now @12.15pm it is dark, thundery and raining. I am so glad I got myself to go out when the sun was shining. :)

This is a shot I managed with 3mp can that did not want to focus, one out of several.

Couple more shots of the flower and drops
Here are the shots of Puss trying to be picked up and happily sitting around.
Happy and content.

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I would also like to update you all on my crochet peg bag. I have bought new wooden pegs. They both have a new home now. Here are some shots.
The pet bag will be in the laundry, where it is nice and dry. Pics taken in the shade.

Have a Fantastic Day and



katztales said...

Of course she's purring all the time cos she's happy! Au and Target often purr while they are eating. That means it's extra good :-)


Puss you look so pretty outside in the sunshine! Your hairs shine like
strands of gold! :)

Gattina said...

My cats purr too when they get something very good to eat, lol ! Your photos are very nice ! Why is Puss not allowed to go in your house ? My cats go in and out like they want, we have a catflap.

Ydiana said...

Looks like you had a very nice outing while the sun still shone! Beautiful shots! :)

AL said...

Hi Puss, how are you? You looked very cute...did you enjoy the food that Mom gave you...I bet!

Luna said...

These are cute outside pictures! Puss is a lucky kitty.
I like your raindrop pictures and your crochet peg bag.

*Happy Tuesday*

Luna said...

Oups, I thought I left a comment but it dissapeared.

Puss looks happy in the sunshine. No wonder she is purring.
I like your raindrop pictures and the crochet peg bag.

Happy Tuesday!

Cindy said...

Great photos! Puss looks so innocent and sweet. I'm glad you got to enjoy the sun while it was out.

Julie said...

I love using the macro setting on my camera! Those are great pics, I really like the one where puss is trying to be held lol. Happy COT.

Boo-Bah said...

Puss you look so pretty out in the sunshine. You look like a very cuddly cat.
Do you ever get to go inside?I bet you do.


Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Your cat looks so cutie. Sad to say that we have fur allergy at home. How I love pets.

Now, that pet bag is also cutie. I even see the great SS, isn't it? Hmmm... am I addicted?

Hope you're in the best of everything downunder.

Hugs to you lil sis...

Splendid Little Stars said...

How cute! It looks like Puss really wants to be photographed!