Friday, October 2, 2009

Fiber Arts Friday #1


Here is another meme I have joined on Fridays called Fiber Arts Friday hosted by Alpaca Farm Girl. Please visit her and see the other wonderful creations from others around the world.

I would like to say that I am a crocheter of about 2 years and a knitter that is just beginning. I will contribute this week what I have recently completed in crochet projects. Which are peg bag, few pouches for mobile phone and doily crochet with yarn.

On the crochet side I have recently completed a bag for pegs to hang up my washing in summer. I have previously purchased cheaper tougher bags and they all have fallen apart and torn. So I know that all my crochet projects are strong, sturdy and everlasting. I had decided to do a simple bag in the round with a draw string on top. I have jet to purchase new pegs. The bag was crocheted in 100% acrylic yarn, from two balls of different colors held together, one green and one multicolored, to give strength to the bag. I wanted bright colors so when I hang my washing, I will be happy and enjoy that I have made this peg bag all by myself and will last forever.

Below is a collage for the crochet projects. Click to view larger.

Also I love to crochet pouch/sock for my NOkia N95 mobile phone, this is an obsession for me, I have made so many in every color you can imagine. Mostly, well all the time I use 100% acrylic yarn, 8ply, because of the colors/multicolor s/variegated yarn, so much variety and for the strength and sturdiness. I always crochet in the round, no seams with a 4 or 5mm crochet hook and I can make one pouch within 2 hours. I anticipate and look forward to the result, each sock is different in pattern. I am recently hooked on solid colors and creating strips. Below is my bestest favorite at the moment, makes a perfect fit for my Nokia, very snugly and fitted, of course made with acrylic in two colors, white and multicolored, alternating each color in the round.

I also have an Etsy shop where I sell pouches/socks of all colors, check out my store @ Crochet Creations.

I also love to crochet hats/beanies in the round, also using acrylic yarn or blend with cotton. Wool is too scratchy for me. I have crochet a lot of hats during these two years, so many colors. I will put together another collage of my hats, maybe for next Fiber Arts Friday. I can crochet a hat in a day. I have found new chunky yarn and I love the hats in that yarn, also acrylic, but very warm. I have completed two, one sort of neutral gray color and the other purplish maroon color. The one below, if I remember correctly, made a while ago, with wool. Love the colors in this one.

I love to crochet scarfs too, yes with acrylic, but not so many, cause they are scratchy around my neck, but I love the multicolored/variegated yarn in acrylic, so make them and usually wear them on top of a skivvy and jumper. I love mostly to see how they will look when completed, the patterns and colors. Fantastic. I also make them in arcylic cotton blend and soft fluffy yarn too. Below is a beautiful scarf that I like, textured made with acrylic and cotton blend, crocheted with 5mm hook. My favorite at the moment, I love the green color.

I am also fascinated with a doily pattern called Snow Storm. The pattern calls for cotton thread and small hook, but because I love acrylic yarn and the colors, I crochet the doily's with 5mm crochet hook and any multicolored acrylic yarn, mostly in 8ply. I am always anticipating the finished outcome, the pattern that will emerge. It is almost an obsession. At one stage, several months ago I was that agitated and excited that I made about 3 or 4 in a row. Takes me about a day to complete one. When I first saw this pattern I was so curious what will look like when made with larger hook and acrylic yarn, since then I have been hooked.

Over the 2 years that I have crocheted I have many UFProjects, too many to count. I have also completed one crocheted blanket from a book. Tried making socks, have a couple completed. One set of gloves. Many coasters and a couple of runners and matching coasters for the table. I also have completed some fillet crochet with small hook and thread. Also a couple of neck warms to keep my neck warm during the night with polyester yarn, very soft and warm.

Well that is all I can think of at the moment. Next Friday I will chat about my Knitting projects.

Enjoy your day everyone and have a fabulous weekend


springtreeroad said...

what fun! i love all those bright colors. :)

Allison of Dominant Hands said...

Your colors are so vibrant! Beautiful work. I look forward to seeing your knitting

Brenda (Prairie Daisy Handspun) said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Love the beautiful colors in your projects! :)

Alpaca Farmgirl said...

I love your work! You are very prolific. I love the photo collage with all the different projects. It'll make fiber lovers drool!

I have to ask - what is a peg bag? I'm not familiar with that.

Thanks so much for joining us for Fiber Arts Friday! Loved seeing your contribution.

Hey Harriet said...

Beautiful work! What a neat idea for a meme! It's not one that I'll be able to join of course being very fibre art challenged, but I'll enjoy looking at your contributions :)