Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fiber Arts Friday #2


Here is another meme I have joined on Fridays called
Fiber Arts Friday hosted by Alpaca Farm Girl. Please visit her and see the other wonderful creations from others around the world.

This week I have a new obsession of knitting a blanket in garter stitch on 7mm needles with white and yellow acrylic yarn in 8ply.

This blanket is from "Learn to knit on Circular Looms". I just adjusted the pattern to suit 7mm needles. Lots of fun so far. I just want to bring some color into the house, white and yellow, subtle colors, I like them.

Below is a collage of some of the other knitting projects, completed and UFP.

The lilac yarn on top is a fab pattern called "Lace Like" stitch. I have used mix of wool, soy and acrylic yarn in a beautiful lilac color. I am obsessed with this one too. Knitted with 6.5mm needles. Still knitting away, try to make as long as possible, to have combination's to wear.
I found this pattern on YouTube, click here for the video of this beautiful stitch.

Below picture is of my first completed hat knitted in stockinette stitch, with 5mm circular needles, purple and green strips acrylic yarn. My very first anything completed with knitting and the hat fits perfectly. I really enjoyed knitting that one.

The rest of the UFProjects are hats but in different stitches, garter, 1x1 rib, 2x2 rib rim and stockinette. All in acrylic and 5mm circular needles. I enjoy knitting them when I feel like.

The other UFP is a stockinette stitch scarf. I love the way the scarf curls and the mix of acrylic and some other yarn, the colors are fab, mix of purples, blues and greens, knitted with 5mm circular needles. I find them easy to work with and when not knitting the project will not come off the needles, just sits in the middle. I take this scarf with me when traveling, no pattern to that and quick to knit up.

The other colored project you see on the left is not really a project, more like a test of stitch. It is simple pattern, looks like loops and looks great in the mix of colors in yarn. I have not decided what to make with this pattern, probable a scarf, maybe in the same colors. But I really love this, the loops and so easy to knit up. Simply called
k1, yo twice, & Drop Yarn Over. Found on YouTube. Click here to see how the scarf pattern is knitted.

Well I think this covers what I have been doing so far and recently, hope you enjoyed reading.

Enjoy your day and have a fabulous weekend


Alpaca Farmgirl said...

I love your photos and your collages. It looks like it belongs in a magazine! Just gorgeous.

Thanks for joining us for Fiber Arts Friday!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just in from Fiber Arts Friday, better late than never, eh?

I love your work, it's so colorful and I must admit, I snooped around your Blog and love it all. - MaLinda