Monday, December 7, 2009

Mosaic Monday and Update

How are you?

Mosaic Monday is hosted by Mary @ Little Red House.
I am incorporating mosaic of pictures of my projects that I am discussing today.

Here are some of the crochet and knitting projects that I am working on.

White and Yellow Blanket
This blanket is a when I feel like knitting, especially whilst watching TV. I am still on the second stripe, there are three. Knitted on size 7mm knitting needles and using 8ply acrylic yarn in solid colors, yellow and white. Yes I know I have mentioned this one before with not much more of progress.

Bright and colorful Bag
This bag, I need a new one, love the colors, they go together. Main color sort of bright purple and the second color a mix of colors.

Both in acrylic 8ply. I have made the bag to fit my purse and few other objects. The bag is nearly finished, just a bit more height. Sorry about the picture, not a sunny day today.

Love crocheting Teresa's snowflakes, she now has 6 in total, hope she does more. Just recently I crochet snowflake 5 and 6. I have crochet her other snowflakes, at the moment I cannot locate the pictures or the crochet snowflakes. I am thinking I will crochet all of them and show you soon.

Teresa is excellent. Here is her Utube Channel and Blog.

Link to Snowflake 1 to 4 and Angel and How to Stiffen the Completed Project
Snowflake 5 and Snowflake 6

Search around Teresa's websites, she has many Christmas crochet projects, Xmas trees too.

Fillet Crochet Flamenco
I am loving this project. It is fillet crochet and I am using a 4mm crochet hook and 5ply acrylic white yarn. This one is large but I love that, I can put the finished piece on my round dinning table, cool I cannot wait. When I feel like crocheting something different I go back to this project. I am about half way. Sorry about the picture.

Also a few Beading Bracelets and Necklaces
Oooh, yummy. Love these glass beaded bracelets. Went to Spotlight to get more yarn for a special project I am putting together for family overseas. And of course during my time at the store I had to search around for beads, as you know I have bit of addiction for them, especially the glass, because they shine and sparkle, no need for expensive crystals or diamonds. The pendant and round purple jasper beads I bought from Lisa, she is fantastic at making jewelry and she also sells beads, please visit her Etsy Store, Buy Happiness (Free shipping on Holiday Gift Sets) and Buy Happiness Beads. I have bought many beautiful items from her store and I am very happy with all of them.

So I stumbled upon the usual container of mixed glass beads and you would not believe they do not have them anymore, they were on clearance and I did not know, they had four left but I already have those. They cleared at 4 bucks for 700g. But right next to them they have smaller amount, 300g mixed glass beads and they are at 6 bucks not bad, so I got myself three, could not resist and I choose well, love them.

Well that is all for now, I will try and do the snowflakes and try for better pics on some of these shots today. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Are you all getting ready for Christmas. Because I am not in a way. We usually have a quite one, just us two. We buy presents all year round and we are happy that way. During new year we go on top of the roof and watch the fireworks in the city. Sometimes on Xmas day too. Enjoy.

Please visit Mary @ Little Red House and see many wonderful Mosaic/Collages and join in the fun too :)

For anyone that would like to create Mosaic/Collages, I am using Picasa from Google

Try the Newton's Cradle, click and drag a ball!!!

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Carol said...

You are so talented! I'm going to attempt to crochet snowflakes...someday!

Allison of Dominant Hands said...

I have crocheted snowflakes for my Christmas tree. They really look quite pretty all white against the green.