Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crochet UPdates

Hello all :)

Thought I would bring you up to speed on what I am currently crocheting and knitting.

Well at this time I am into cushion covers.

They are 36cmx36cm

crochet ribbed stitch, with 3.5mm hook and 8ply acrylic yarn, my own design.

the other side
original granny square, with 3.5mm hook and 8ply acrylic yarn

I have also completed this blanket, I love the texture and the colorfulness.
Here is the link to the pattern....
I loved crocheting this one, the border was my own design, just love the texture and I also joined with the single crochet stitch and the border around each square pops out, creates a ridge.

Love this big pillow, crocheted in the round, 5mm hook and 8ply acrylic yarn. Crocheting around the front post of the stitch which creates a pattern of its own and on the other side a completely different look, like the crochet ribbed stitch. This pillow is 50cm x 50cm.

Here is another pillow case in progress. I have completed one side and just started the other side. Both sides are the same pattern just the colors are reversed. I used Teresa's pattern called, Granny Square Crochet Bulky Popcorn, here is the link...

I am also knitting a cushion cover in the round on the 4mm circular needles, love the color of the yarn. Just the plain knit stitch. Loving the look, taking a while to knit up, I am not as fast as I am on crocheting.

I am considering purchasing a 38# Afghan Knitting Board to make some nice and thick blankets.
I will be getting this one from Authentic Knitting Board, they have fantastic knitting boards and accessories and they deliver internationally too. Here is the link...

38# knitting board
10#knitting board

I already have a 10# knitting board that I bought from them, fantastic, some great scarfs I have created with this one.

Well I think that is all for now, check out my tutorial for making swirl colored resin pendants on the previous post.

Ciao and Enjoy your day/night

1 comment:

jo©o said...

Hiya MR,

That knitting board: Can't you make your own? All it seems to be is a bit of wood with some nails.
We made those when we were kids: small and just 4 nails on top of a bobbin with a hole in the middle. This made a knitted cord and you could do it whilst walking to school. (Those were the days, when kids walked to school. :-)

BTW, I reckon that if you crave this bit of kit, what you are really saying is that you are ready for a proper loom.

Then you can weave some of your yarn and knit/crochet some and make a combination garment.

Do you spin your own yarns?
Do you grow your own wool, meaning sheep?
I absolutely adore spinning and using the very finest Merino. I was given some once from a friend who had been to NZ. She gave us each a tiny bit, ten (10) grams scoured and combed, but unspun. We had to make something from this and then we had a mini show.
I knitted a lace edging. So soft and fine. I reckon it was a count of 110.

Anyways, don't feel you have to publish this long comment.