Monday, December 20, 2010

New Project, Crinkle Stitch

Helllooooo and G'day and Welcome

Thinking of another crochet project, infect another pillow case with crinkle stitch, which is just fab. Here is a sample I crochet with 4mm hook 8ply acrylic. Just fab, thick, 3D, textured what more could one ask for.

Was thinking can this stitch be done in the round to make the cushion cover more is easy to crochet and less as follows i made another sample, in the round, with 4mm hook and 8ply yarn. Wow....i like...very thick and textured.

Hmmm..more thinking...instead of solid color, which looks great in one color, what if I use a multicolored yarn....say this one, below....ok...another sample square....looking the colors, same tone, good color mix and have few yarn balls in this color....hmmm....cushion cover looking and coming to life soon...i should i make another sample in the round to see what cover will look like hmmmmmm...i will think about that one...knowing me I will get stuck into the cover ....

Cushion cover
36x36cm or 41x41cm....hmmm...or just start crocheting and see what pillow insert shall fit the cover
Crochet with 4mm hooky and 100% acrylic yarn in this multimix color

more hmmmm...thinking this stitch will look great in the round, in black, for a hand bag..mmmm..sounds good and tempting.....time for a new home made bag....

ok enough of the cushion cover, lets talk about balls!!!!!!!

Here is a sample of my first crochet ball, wonky :( in 4mm 8ply acrylic

and here is my second attempt...better and 5mm 8ply multimix

not bad i like these balls, hang them around the house for Xmas and any other day...just i think i should fill them to keep their roundness....

The lovely lady who designed crochet them is Kate @ Greedy for Color
The pattern can be found here....nice and easy to follow, take few minutes.
These are fantastic, Kate made a wreath from several colored ones, looks great.

Well anyways...time to think about my next cushion cover, illustrating the Crinkle Stitch.
Demo of the stitch can be found here.

ciao bellas

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Rosebud Collection said...

What a great stitch..You would be proud of me..making toys for my grandchildren..Wanted to get here to wish you and yours a "Merry Christmas"..sending you love and blessings..Rosebud/Carolyn