Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crocheting a couple of pouches

Hello readers, thank you all for commenting

I am working a couple pouches, one in a light blue, lincraft double knitting yarn, 100% acrylic, using the star stitching, it works up beautifully but a bit slow, because the stitch is different. If it turns out alright might put it up on etsy. Here is a pic.

The other pouch is fibrant with colors, also made in 100% acrylic double knitting yarn. I just love how this one turned out. Crocheted it in 5mm bamboo hook, in half double crochet stitch (hdc) working in the third loop, behind the front and back loop, to create this ribbing effect. I just love working with it, it has a stretch to it too. Will put this one up on etsy. It is a simple open top pouch. Here is  a pic.

For now have a great day :) MonikaRose


Leah said...

I love that little blue one!

Heather said...

Oh, I love that star stitch. I've never used it before.. I may have to look into it. :)

BTW, my shop's addy is