Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finally starting the Star Stitch Hat

Hello all, thank you for your comments,  I like the star stitch too, Heather the third link is a good one to practice the star stich

Teresa has great vids on youtube for the star stitch hat and the stitch itself, here are the links

Hat ->  

for the hat she uses this star stitch example ->

Another star stitch is this one -> (this is a good one to practice the star stitch)

I used it to practice so i could tackle the hat, here is  a pic

The hat is looking good so far

Not finished yet, i have done all the increases, now its just the normal star stitch pattern until the length i want the hat to be, the pic is ok, its dark purple and light purple.  I love the way the hat is comming out. Cannot wait till it is finished. Will post a pic when done.

Have a great day :) Monikarose

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