Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Day of Creativity

Hello all, hope you are having wonderful weekend

I do not feel to crochety today, so i decided to crochet doodle on my sleeping hat. I have had this hat for many years, one blue color all the way through.  Not long ago when i started up embroidery again i was into making flowers, so i decided to do a flower of the hat. Now today i felt like doodling some more, so i have added few more flowers and a colorful border. I have few pics, not that flash, but you can see what i crocheted. I felt motivated so i decided to embroider the words "i am creative", to give me inspirations whilst i sleep. 

Anyways, i am continuing with the star stitch hat, comming along nicely, but slowly.

I have added few items to my etsy store, so if you wish to visit,

For now have a great day :) MonikaRose

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Sarah said...

I had a chance to look at more of your entries. What a great inspiration! The blanket is amazing! I have posted a new pic of two hats I finished :) I have about 6 with no head homes so I am thinking about contacting a local hospital and asking if I can donate them to kids with Cancer going through Chemo. Also, I work at a Juvenile Detention Center and am already thinking about Christmas gifts for kids that are there during that time (that would mean about 25 hats!) Hope you had a great weekend!