Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hello all

Had a good weekend, hubby home from work, yay :)

Not much crocheting, been trying to improve my etsy shop, going well, just recreated my banner and avatar, love them both now, after few critques from etsians. good stuff. very happy now, check it out sarah, thankyou for your comment. lovely to know that i am an inspiration. thankyou so much. hats look great sara, love that you put the flowers on, are they embroidered. great stuff, i am feeling so high now, just couple of minutes ago i got email of another sale from the shop, got to check it out.  must be the great vibrations in the air.  thanks for checking out my other entries.

i started another eight sided star,with colors of purples, i have done another two, with greens and another with orange.

will keep you guys posted , have a great day.  MonikaRose

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Sarah said...

Oh, Thank You Monika. It's such a treat to talk to people who appreciate crochet and who have not labeled it "old". lol. I am working on scarves now to match the hats. I didn't originally think about this but I've come to think that it is rude to give a hat without a matching scarf! They're easy anyway so they'll be done quickly. Are you from Australia? I seem to have seen that somewhere...or maybe not... Anyway, thanks for the comments and praise!