Wednesday, September 17, 2008

G'day, mailed out second order today!

hello crochetians 

today i mailed out my second order from my etsy store, great stuff, beautiful and sunny day here in victoria, australia, for start of Spring.

i also started another mobile/cell phone pouch, i think i am addicted to these pouches, easy to make in the round and they work up quickly, and especially with mulicolored/colorway yarn, can not wait till it is finished to see how the pattern will turn out. will post pic when completed.

still working on the star stitch hat, it is slow going, but getting there.

Hello Sara, thank you for your comment, yes I am from Australia, i have that on the etsy store, thats where you have probably seen it. I agree with you about the hats, you do really need a scarf to match, i have some hats with matching scarfs. i will have to post some pics one day.

also the pinwheel blanket made from soft polyested yarn, that is finished..almost. completed all the 6 wedges, just have to take it of the knitting loom, stitch it together and put a border around it. i will probably look at it tomorrow. will post pic when done.

well anyways, i am going,will chat soon

have a great day :)Monikarose

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