Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pinwheel tratedy

Hi all, how's it going?

Not going here, bit of  a huge mistake on the looming pinwheel blanket, took it off the loom and try to match the two ends together, guess what, one end longer of the first wedge, i cannot seam it together now, impossible, no chance of a circle, my hopes crushed, i was so looking forward to having a circular blanket all nicely made with different colors and a crochet border. Nope. No chance of that now. anyways, it is a semi circle with different colors and no border, but i will tell you one thing, it is soooo soft and soooo warm, unbelieavable. i use it as a lap blanket, just fits nicely on my lap. i use it when i am creating crochet projects, especially on the cold mornings. Here is  a pic.


yesterday, in two hours i made four crochet in the round pouches for my etsy store, if you are interested, check it out in the phone pouches section on the right side. i amazed myself, cool, four pouches in two hours, wow.

ok chat later, have a great day:) MonikaROse

I am having a special on for a couple of weeks, have fun

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