Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Love my Crochet Store

Good morning

Since opening my store I have learnt new ways of promoting and touching up of appearence.  I just love the serinity of etsy.  Sellers of handmade projects are unique people, they all love what they create and they have the joy of giving to others, knowing that they will enjoy the handmade creations.  I know I do, I am just learning that art now.  This is the first that I have much courage to bring to others the creations that I make and know that same artistic owners will love my art of crochet too.

Since I opened the store I have not had a good chance to create something or complete a project, I just love working around my store, it is interesting and facinating at the same time.

I have been receiving alot of veiws, but no sales yet.  I believe in time buyers and sellers will locate me and warm up to my creations, as I have theirs.

My store

I will be adding more of my crochet so come back and checkout my store regulary

Have a great day :)

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