Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hook behind the ear Ready to start hooking

Hello all

Feeling great this morning, have great couple of ideas for my etsy shop (http://monikarose.etsy.com) .  Thinking of a coin purse with lining and a zipper, have not attempted this yet, but I started on purse today in the colorways of reds, I'll see how I go.

The other project is a handful of dust clothes made from polyester, soft and beautiful colors. Lincraft got these 100g ball of yarn of 100% polyster, excellent, great quantity.  The yarn is  called Craft Yarn. I bought one of three colors, then Lincraft decided to have a grand sale and all the colors were sold out, purple green black, except the blue. I bought the blue and the saleslady managed to get one of each, so I grabed them all. They are not sure if they will get more.

But anyways I will make a few, not sure yet, bundle them up and put them up in etsy.  They are excellent for dusting.

Well I am going for now, will let you know how I go.  

There is a listing of my crochet items on the right side of my blog,  go visit.

cya later

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