Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Project on hand

Hello fellow readers

I am going through another crochet project.  I am trying to do a set, like a bag, coin purse, pen holder and whatever else i can think of. Using one of my favourite multicolored yarn, acrylic. I will not post any pictures untill all is done. I am having fun, making it up as i go along, with my techniques and design. I cannot wait till it is done, so far looking really good. This set will be for me.

I had a good weekend, with hubby being home, went all over the place, relaxing and enjoying ourselves in the lovely sunny weather, here is melbourne.

My puddy cat is doing well.  Loves the sunshine, hates the cold weather and loves to munch on fish.

I have put up some items on my etsy store.  That blue star stitch pouch is done and listed too.

I am so into copper wire and beads, unreal, just having fun with it and what it can do. Like making copper wire bookmarks and bookthongs (bookmarks but made with wire and beads).

I was going to post a few pics but google blogger decided not to work today.

cya for now, have a great day:)

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