Saturday, September 27, 2008

Project Done

G'day readers, how are you?

I have completed my crochet project, the one I mentioned in my last post. A set.  I know have a matching bag, coin pouch, pen holder and a mobile phone pouch. I have a picture.

I added a green zipper and a beautiful and colorful lining of multicolored flowers.  When the bag opens and you see those flowers will brighton up my day.

With the handle I added key rings on the bag and the handle. I made the handle with one of those knifty knitters, which a picked up in BigW.  This knitter makes cords, easy and fun to do. The handle is strong, long and flexible.  I can tie up the handle to shorten the length.

The coin purse has valcro to keep all coins, cards, etc inside. The pen holder is simple and open access, keeps my pens,pencils in place. The mobile phone pouch is also easy open access, to quickly get to my phone when a call comes in.

They all fit into the bag and I can also chuck in keys for a quick get away.

This is the first time I have attempted a bag with zipper and lining. Hand sewing lining and zipper to bag, not a pretty job, but I do not mind. First time for everything. I like the whole set, it is so cool. I wish you could see it in person, the pictures do not make it justice.  Especially the lining, it is so bright and colorful.  I bought the lining in Lincraft a while back not knowing what I will use it for.  My intension, at the time, which I was cross stitching, to cover the canvas to keep away the dust. Though it never got used. Until now.

The zipper was a challenge, I have never used zipper before, but I eventually figured out how to position and sew zipper on. A bit wonky but alright for the first attempt. For sure, the zipper zips.

I am holding my breath until I can get enough courage to grab and go.

With all my handmade crochet projects, because they are freshly made, takes me a while to use them. I am sure there are others that go thru this too. All is brand new, want to keep clean and fresh, unsure whether to use or not and when, but when the time comes and one is ready and the nerves go away, then we can grab and go and enjoy our handmade creations to our fullest and have the biggest smile, making others wondering what we are so glorious about.

Thinking! whether I should create a set for everyone who loves handmade. I really loved making the set.  

What do you think, should I make one for my shop??

Anyways, me and hubby went for another country walk, beautiful and sunny, during this spring. Found some more beautiful flowers. Also we took our Mitz along. Here are a few pics to cheer your day.

I love taking pictures of the beautiful sky.

Here she is my special buddy, Mitz. I love taking unexpected pics, just keep shooting to see what actions I have preserved for life. I have more pics and info of sky and pets on my website, follow the links on the left, photos and pets.

Mitz had a wonderful time, she just loves when we take her on trips. If she has not been out for a long time, she will cry on the way. She is just beautiful. Full of life and she is quick on her paws too. Very curious, explores everything and protects her masters.

We also went to the cinema and saw Eagle Eye, excellent movie.   Overall was a great weekend.

For now, have a great day and enjoy as much of beautiful weather you have around you, go out and explore and make sure you take photos too, it is a pleasure to encapsulate and preserve the wonderful givings of nature.

Thank you for reading and cya for now.



Anonymous said...

Love it!! you do beautiful work and I adore your shop!! :)

Kari said...

Love the sky pics, very cool!

kim* said...

the last cload looks like a flying bird :)

Rosebud Collection said...

Great job on the beautiful bag..Pictures are wonderful too..
I am always taking pictures of the sky, can't seem to get enough of them..Dog is a cutie, what a wonderful pal..

Pegasus Handmade Soaps said...

Love the pictures of the sky. One actually looks like a horse and the other looks like a bird or duck. Its amazing. :-)

Mary Ann said...

I love the set. I'm learning to crochet and would love to be able to make a lined bag.

It sounds like you had a great weekend - dreary and rainy here in NJ. Your Mitz is a cutie.

Richiesliv DÅ och NU said...


I catched your site when I was browsing the blogworld.

What a good crochet lady you are. I can do some simple ones, but your project is terrific beauty!

Cheers Mate!

greetings from Stockholm!