Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First Pair of Slippers

Hello ladies and gentlemen, how are you ?

Me, I am great and Teresa is an angel.  Teresa the Crochet Angel sent from heaven to teach us the way of Crochet.  Couple of days ago [I check Teresa's uTube videos everyday, to see if she is teaching something new], I saw that she has put up a tutorial for Crochet Adult Size Slippers.

Wow, I will tell you, what an amazing lady she is. She mentioned that she had requests for a pair of slippers and it was within her designing skills to make a pair.  She got me hooked. I had to try them. I tried them I did. Yesterday. Excellent. 

Except, first slipper came out too long on the foot. You know why? I was ahead of myself. I thought if I make it longer on the foot as she sugested, if need be, it will be alright. So I continued on until I got to heel, work out beautiful the heel. Finished the slipper and fitted it on, och, too long.

Ok this time I will follow her instructions, the same number of rows and rounds as she suggested. Bingo a perfect fit. My second slipper done.

So now I know my size, including using a larger hook. I tried 5mm as Teresa suggested but as soon as I started I knew and felt the slipper would be way too small.  So I grabed what I knew whould be right size hook, 6.5mm and another bingo, excellent fit.

At this stage, I have one fitted and one unfitted slipper and very little yarn to crochet with. What to do.

I decided to do another slipper of the fitted size and if I  run out of yarn, [which I did], I will frog out the longer slipper and use its yarn, [it is no good to me anyways]. Thats what I did.

Now, because I am not used to shorter slippers I continued on more rounds for the cuff, I did 6 rows of single crochet for the cuff, much better. Feels good.

Which got me thinking, I can continue with the rounds and turn the slipper into a sock.  Hmmm. Still thinking about it.  Might see what other yarn I have and make a pair of socks the same way. I might have to decrease a bit, to tighten around the ankle and onto the calf. Does not sound too hard. Might give it a go today or tomorrow, see how I feel. 

I have some pics.

This was so easy to do and follow. On the first slipper took a bit longer, because, you know, it is the first and takes a bit to follow. But on the second one, took less time and it was fun making it. 

With Teresa, she is execellent in teaching, she does it so well and precise and has written instructions, just in case something is missed. I have made many projects of hers. She is the one that propelled me through crochet. I started from a book, large hook and cord rope, bought from Lincraft australia.  Very difficult to follow written instructions, especially the first time around and it was a book on the basics for learning to crochet.

My hubby loves the utube, so I decided to do some exploring of my own and in no time I found Teresa and her crochet skills. I was hooked [hahaha crochet hook, hooked]. I was able to pick up the skill very quickly and went from there.  I remember I started croching around august last year 2007.  From a simple single crochet stitch scarf to a warable slipper.  Wow, that is a big achievement for me. Cool, I love crochet so much, lots of fun and I create my own designs sometimes as I go along.

I have made many of Teresa's projects. Including, flowers, pouches, hats, beanies, hobo bag [will have to show ya a picture of hobo bag, another big achievement for me, it is a big bag] and pair of slippers. I am sure I have made more, just cannot think of them at the moment.

I also have put up four new creations on my etsy store, if you wish you can check them out on the right, go into the store and have a look.

Well for now, I will leave you with this thought:

Shall I or shall I not make a pair of slippers for myself today.

Have a great day and night, where ever you are.

Thank you for reading and come back soon.....MonikaRose


Devin said...

Those are super cute clippers.i lvoe them.You have such a wonderful blog and etsy shop.Thanks for sharing it with me

AccentEnvy said...

Very cute slippers. May need to check that out. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

I will have to check the slippers out! Those will also make great Christmas gifts huh?? Congrats on your slippers!