Sunday, October 5, 2008

From slippers to socks


Well like I said, I turned those slippers into socks, I could not resist. All I did was continue from the 2 rows of cuff of single crochet stitch.  I stitched to about below the calf muscel. I have pic. Using different colored mixed yarn and same hook size. They came out alright, just a bit holy for me. They stretched out a bit and made the stitches more apart. But they are good for first pair of socks.

I think I am hooked. I have grabed another colorway yarn, all acrylic at the moment, but more tuffer yarn. Now what I did, I used a smaller sized hook, 5.5mm instead of 6.5mm and I did more chains  in the beginning, 12 [or 11, I cannot remeber at the moment, will have to soon got to make the other one, two feet you know].  Thus making the sock a little wider and smaller stitches and I extended the height of the sock, just on the starting of the calf muscel, my length really. Also I have decreased on the length, to make the sock stay up.

Guess what? 

A perfect size sock for me. Comfortable, good fit at the toes and good length going up the leg, with the sock staying in place. Excellent.  This really is getting me hooked on socks.

But, I need to start and complete the other sock, you know, I have two feet, one sock is not going to help. 

Anyways,  I had lots of fun making them, now I can do some for my hubby, who loves my creativity.  I tried crocheting socks before but I could not go through with the heel, to complex from a book. I did make one on a knitting loom, a tube sock, only one, just does not feel right when you do not have the heel.

I have always wanted to make socks, cause this lady, named, The Yarn Harlot, got me all excited about socks, cause she knits so many of them herself. Please go and read her blogg, she is one extremly funny lady. I was very eager. Thus eager and hungry enough that my energy level continued all the way to Teresa (she also has a blog) and she made these slippers you know. Well you know the rest.


I have also but new item in my etsy store, so check it out here 

There is few items I listed few days ago too, just have a look around the shop.

It has been a good weekend with hubby, just stayed around the house this time. Had a great time.

That is all for now, have a great day and night

MonikaRose :)


Rosebud Collection said...

I took a class in sock knitting..You know, there are many free patterns on the internet..I do, have a few one sock..Yours look wonderful..You did a great job.

Teresa said...

Your sock turned out cute. Great job. How do they fit in your shoe?

kimforbeads said...

Love your sock, good luck on the second one.