Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Long Time no Knit

G'day readers, how are you all? It is 12.30pm here in aussie land, victoria. Nice and warm too.

I have been good, posted a new black, white and tinge of grey scarf on my shop.

Yesterday I thought I would do something different. I have a knitting board and have a project on it but not knitted for a long long time.  So I decided to take it out and complete the scarf. 

I completed the scarf today.  It is in lovely soft pink and pink mix in polyester yarn called Fairy Floss.  It is the most softest and warmest scarf ever. I have pics.

Long time ago I completed another scarf on this knitting board, brown with cream color as a contrast, made with a lovely yarn in mix of cotton and acrylic. I just made the pattern as I went along and crocheted a border, which made it heavy around the edges, but its alright, looks really good and is soft warm and comfortable.

Since I find it hard to knit with two needles, I compensate with Knitting Looms and Knitting Board. This board is 10 inches long and the widths can be varied, to make stitches smaller or bigger. Ideal for the smaller projects, like scarfs and hats.

Here is the picture I promised of the lined mobile/cell phone pouch. It is one of may favourites, love the mix of greens. I also completed couple of days ago a hat/beanie in the same color and I am in the process of making a bag in the same color. I will grab pics of the hat and bag later on.

I have a great time making all these, they are fun and keep me occupied and happy.

Here is a pic of Puss and my cockatiel Girly. Today is a warm day, Puss is outside in the shade sleeping away just as cats do. My Mitz, (dog) is outside too, she loves the sun, she is flaked out on the step of the back door.

Girly loves being at the window (in her home) looking out at the backyard. She just loves it, that the first thing she wants in the morning, is to be put at the window, so she can see whats new in the world for the morning. After sun goes she comes to the living room with us, her usual spot for the night.  She won't stop squaking until she is at her window.

Its time for lunch, so I will let you enjoy your night and/or day where ever you are in this big wide world of ours.  :) :] MonikaROSe........


Anonymous said...

i am so jealous of the warm. It is freezing here in the great state of Tennessee this morning.

Debra said...

Cute cat and bird!!

I love the green yarn. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Cindy said...

Lovely scarfs! Your cat expression makes me smile! Thanks for visting my blog! :)