Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Filet Crochet

Good morning all, how are you? I am well and good. Tis 9.13am here in Aussie Land, a bit chilly and grey clouds above, ready to rain.  We are headed off to a rainy rest of the week. At last some rain to fill our tanks.

Anyways, its been a week since last post.

I have discoverd a new crochet technique called, Filet Crochet.  This is a system where one uses a tiny hook to crochet open and closed blocks to create beautiful pictures with thread. I think this is a better discription, click here.

This technique is so beautiful I think I am hooked :)

This started when I decided to buy a small steel hook, size 1.75mm. I have always eyed the steel hooks, they llook so cool and shiny, but I thought before, what can possiblly be done with this tiny hook, which creates tiny stitches. So I bought it and it has been sitting around for maybe two weeks.

So few days ago I thought I feel like trying what tis hook can do. So I took some yarn and the hook and decided to create sunglasses cases, wow what a result, instead of having these big stitches and holes, like crochet does, this tiny hook created tighter and smaller stitches, no holes. This is great. Then I remembered that I have a book with filet crochet.

So the next day I set about finding some patteren that is simple and smaller to make.

I bought some thread cotton, 4ply in purple and grabed my tiny, 1.75mm hook and started hooking. Not that hard to follow, for first time.

The next I completed the pattern and wow, I like this. It is so much fun using the small hook, I decided to create another one from the book, one with scottish dogs, looks really good. The first one was of berries. Looks good. But one thing is that it has to be blocked. Which I have not done before, using starch and water, to make it look nicer, at the moment it is all loose, once blocked it will be more symetrical and beautiful looking.

I decided to search around the net for patterns and I found this snowflake, so I decided to try one with yarn instead of thread, so I grabed some 8ply white acrylic yarn and a 5.0mm hook and started chaining 136. Wow you should see how big it is, it is going to be a square. 44rows by 44rows. I like it.

Anywasy, I will show pics later, this is so cool, I can finially do doilys and beautiful table runners .

I have had a good week, went country walking. Will have pics later.

Well I think you all should try Filet Crochet, easy and fun to make with stunning crations.

Have a great day :) monikarose

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Rosebud Collection said...

You are sure having a good time with the small hooks.. I have a hard time with them..so small..
Happy Thanksgiving to you all..