Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Couple of Filet Done

Almost !!

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving, hope you had/having a great time!

Sorry about the long waiting on posting.

Just completed my second Filet Crochet project. I have in completion two, but I not yet blocked them, so they both look a bit wobbly, but beautiful. I have pictures.

This is my first one, it is called, Snowberry Circle, from a crochet book. I was not sure how to block the piece, so i decided to iron the piece, but become flatish and not much squared off, but much better than wobbly.  I have placed the berry's under a glass holding vase with pot purrie on my living room  wooden table.  Looks good. Took me two days.

 When the berry's were completed, I started on the Scottish Dogs, from a corchet book, same book. I decided to make this one in white and the same hook size as the berries, 1.75mm. This one took me longer to complete, I was doing few rows a day. Finally I bogged myself down and said I will finish this one today, because I really like the look and wanted to see how looks when completed.  Well here is the picture. 

Well, I told you, a bit wobbly.  But what do you think so far?

During the completion of the scottish dogs, I searched the net on how to block the pieces and I have found a simple way of blocking. I will have to try with the berry's.  Hand wash the piece, roll wrap dry in towel, pin (using rust proof pins) to soft area, maybe ironing board, from the centre and to all four corners, stretching and shaping whilst pinning in place and let completly dry.

This should be alright, will try soon.

The week has been good. I love crocheting beanies and hats. I have not done one in a while so I thought yesterday I would do one, a pattern that I have not tried yet, striped, two colored. Here is the picture. I made this in one day.

I like it, I found a way to creat hats/beanies, that fit me too a tea, love it. With this one I used acrylic yarn, white and black, seperate yarns and I used a 6.5mm hook. I have lot of fun making this one. Might have to do a matching scarf.  But I do not like acrlyics around my neck, too scratchy. Will have to find soft yarn.

Here are few pictures, Enjoy.

My pets, Girly, Puss and Mitz.

Pics from the day we went to Melbourne City. Eureka Tower (tallest in Melbourne). Couple taking a ride, near ... blank .. (will remember soon).. ahh.. Docklands and a pic from top of the tower of Flinders Street, train station.

This trip was around last year, December I think. T'was a fantastic day.

I hope you all having/had a great ThanksGiving day. 

Thats all, have a great day :)



Leah said...

I love the Scotty dog crochet, it reminds me of my etsy shop! Your pets are gorgeous too!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Hi M-R!

Great to see you in site... I feel nostalgic when I saw all pix around Melbourne. It really makes me so sad and wants to fly over soonest §:-)

Melbourne owns my heart *LOL he's downunder and miles away from each other. Sucks!

Have a wonderful w/end.


Sarah said...

I am still caught up in the beanie/scarf phase. I cannot tell you how many I have made. At least 6 people will be getting sets for Christmas :)