Monday, December 1, 2008

More Filet Crochet ;0 Plus some Scarfs

Hello, how was everyone's ThanksGiving? Are you all ready for Christmas ? :)

I have been busy creating more Filet Crochet projects. I came across them here

Here are three that I will do next. 

This one below is in progress. Created using 1.25mm steel crochet hook with 4ply 100% cotton thread. It is a table runner. Imagine the same pic but upside down, that is the complete pic.  The table runner is about 1m wide and very long. Long term project and loving it.

I have completed 14 rows. I love how well the flower is well defined.

I am enjoying making these projects.  Keeps me busy and happy. I cannot wait till they are complete, to see what they look like... :)

Not much on the crochet side, just trying to finish a light green scarf made from cotton, acrylic mix yarn. Very soft. Using a pattern of seed stitch, which again is from Teresa, very nice pattern, check it out here . She also has another two scarf patterns, v stitch and shell stitch.

Well. that is all for now. Hope you decide to create some of these, they are great fun, especially the scarfs.

Have a great day :)


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