Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hello and good morning

Thought i would just say hi


How is everyone?

I will throw some pics at ya, here they are.

Hobo Bag

This is the hobo bag iImade a while back, the bag is so fabulous, I love it. I wanted it in one color, the color on the bottom of the bag, black and purple together, I ran out, could not be bothered to get more yarn, so I used what I had, that is why it is so multicolored, I like it anyways, but there is the change of color that is seen on the front, should have been on the back, too late once I did the flap. I have uesd it as a tote bag for carrying my yarn projects on the go, excellent, lot of room in there. Recently I used the bag as a hand bag over the shoulder, I thought I did the handles too short when I first used to the bag, but when put over my head and shoulder it stretched, I pulled it down and it stretched now it is longer and great to use as a hand bag, lots a room, love bag. I think I might do another one, but more for the purpose of a hand bag, maybe a zipper and a lining and one color through out. I will see, have to think about it. I want to put this on the shop too, but the hobo bag takes a while to do.

Anyways, if you want to make one for yourself, i have the link to Teresa video tutorial on how to create a hobo bag. Check it out here, Crochet Messenger Hobo Slouch Bag

Next pic, Puss

I love his look here, I would not let him on my lap (did not feel like cleaning his hairs off later ;)).He was so hurt thats why the look.

Much happier, inside the house and on the couch sleeping half on my legs.

Next pic

Small blanket

While back I made this blanket out of acrylic yarn, I love it but it is small and itchy for a blanket, but anyway, I made it and I really like it the way the pattern turned out and the colors, so I was thinking, maybe if I make more of them and join them up, with differeent colors, sounds great. Made another one with orange and yellows and in the process of a purple contrasting colors, that is sitting there on the couch to be finised for a long time now, will have to finish soon, like the colors and pattern. I will catagorise this blanket as a UFP (unfinished project or maybe call  that unfinishefed crochet project, UFCP).

Anyways that is all for now, all these UFCP are putting me to sleep, I have so many it is not funny.

Have a great day :)


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