Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hi all :)

Just posted couple of new scarfs for my etsy store.
In great colors of red and green, right for the xmas season.

I love making these scarfs, I have a light blue one and dark green with contrasting light green strips. The blue one is long. I just love wearing it, the way it flows when you walk and the many ways you can wear it. The scarfs are made in the double crochet stitch (dc), which makes them look lacy in a way. They are very versatile.

I love them so much that I thought I might make them for the store but in christmas colors of red and green. They are fantastic. You can wear them around christmas time, especially on xmas morning, wrap yourself in it and be warm to enjoy your xmas time. Or just wear them with your favorite cloths.

They should appear on the right in my store column of items.

Have a great day... I will be adding more xmas items soon, a set for the table. Stay tuned and buy something special from my store for xmas, I have lowered some of my prices.

Cya for Now .... MOnikaROse
p.s. i was told the snake was a baby snake and nothing to worry about.!

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