Saturday, November 8, 2008

Alert snake in Backyard


I was just outside putting out washing, since it is a beautiful and hot sunny day, finished putting the clothes on the line and both pets were around me. I was petting Mitz my doggy and all of a sudden I see movement close to her.

There was this snake close by and it made its way towards me than turned and went under the clothes basket and in to the grass and towards the back of the yard.

This snake was about 30cm long and 1cm in width. Yellow light brown in length and black head. Only small.

In 13 years living in this house no sign of any snakes.

The grass is a bit longer around the house. It is hot today.

Scary stuff.

Not sure what type of snake it was.

Anyways cya for now.


Rosebud Collection said...

I am sure they would have heard me scream all the way to the USA, if I was there..Dislike snakes..Wonder what kind it careful..

The Empty Envelope said...

Eeek!!! I would have screamed as well.

Leah said...

I HATE snakes! we have had a few in our yard! our old cat was bitten and paralised but he survived after $$$$ at the vet!