Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yarn, Stitches and UFP

Hello everyone, how are you? Me i am doing well, nice and sunny outside today, sunday the 9th november in the year 2008.

Had a great weekend. Went out to do the weekly shopping, spent time with hubby and my pets. Was a great couple of days.

Talking about yarn, stitches and UfP (unfinished projects). Too much yarn, which stitch to use with each different type of yarn and too many UFP's. My craft room/comp room is overfilling with it all. No room, nope none. One box full of yarn, almost cannot close it and the rest is still in their shopping bags. I mean this is overflowing that I cannot move around in that room.

Stitches, there are so many which one do you choose to go with your new project. Ha Ha, new project, well you might be thinking what about the UFp's. Well they are all over the place too, some in craft room, some in dinning room, some in living room.

I think my brain is going overload too. ooch. ;)

But anyways, I am doing a christmas theme or shall I say xmas colors for my etsy store, I cannot wait to list them. They are taking a while to complete, but nearlly there. Must be nearlly there, since xmas is around the corner.

Well enough said, I will leave you with some some pics. Have a great day and night where ever you are.

Thank you all for your thoughts and comments on my poem. I just reading your comments, keep them comming, you all keep me smilling. :)

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Rosebud Collection said...

Oh and yarn..I enjoy it so much and now I have to make something with it. I have gotten so lazy..start something, stop. Enjoyed the pictures..What a cute cat..