Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Poem

Hello, how are you?

Last year I went through a spiritual awakening. My mind was clear and life began for me. Poems flowed. I thought I might share one with you. This is  a poem written by me, copyright laws apply (my full name, i do not wish to list here).


The Truth Escapes Me

The world is changing 
Do we know why 
How, Where and When 
If so who is doing What about it 

The trees are dying 
The flowers are withering 
The grass is drying 
The sky is diminishing 
The water is receding 
The food is vanishing 
People are passing 
The atmosphere is expanding 
The weather is undulating 

Oh my what are we to do 

Can we persuade someone 
Can we yell at anyone 
Can we stop it all 

That is the question 
We must answer 
And do something about 

It has to do with our survival 
And with the innocent children 
That will or will not be born 
And all the life all around us 

So please consider these and do something about it


What do you think?

I entered this poem into a contest and they want to print it into a poem book. Not bad. There was another poem I entered and that too went into a poem book.

I have more, which I might share. I was going to put all of my spiritual awakening poems into a book, like PDF. Was considering sharing, but was not sure. I still might do that one day, now that I have etsy. Hmmm, there is a thought.

Weekend was good, went to Spotlight in Essendon Airport. I tell you it is the biggest Spotlight store I have seen. It is huge and huge money did I spend. Too much, you the YaRN buiness and some beading things. Love it all. So much yarn you would not believe. :) I am addicted.... ;)

I will let you know now, that weekend for me is Friday and Saturday. That is when hubby is home (RDO). We had good time, going shopping. I think we found a new fridge for ourselves. Our old one uses to0 much watts (power) consumption. The new one 130 to 230watts. The old one 1000w. ooch. It is hard to find fridge. But I think this is the one. LG 305litres, upsidedown one. Hubby is really looking into it. I think this one is ours. Cool I am happy to receive. :)

I have listed four new creations on my etsy store.  I have created beaded phone charms, which can be used as zipper pulls too and can be hooked onto split ring stitch markers too. They are so colorful. I have few of them for myself and use them as I have just discribed. They are so much fun. I love the copper wire ones, they are strong and great for zipper pulls. I have put together a set of 4 with phone cord to go with.  Here is a pic and the link.  Click here. 

 I hope you all like them because I think they are great and fun, I have the one with blue pendant on my mobile phone and also similar to the first one with the spirl too. Thus I have two dangles dangling of my phone. Love putting them together.

If you like them mozy on over to my store and check them out, I have another 3 bundles, all different. Please spread the word too. 

Well its been fun, blogging and I will catch ya later

Cya MonikaROse :) Have a great day and smile.


Sarah said...

I like the poem! It is especially important to those of us that live in the US and will vote on Tuesday for a new President. Things have not been going well in the US (Michigan especially) for some time now. It is extremely scary and nerve-wracking for us. Thankfully I am still able to make money and to smile :) Hope you are well in the warm sunshine...getting really cold now in Michigan, about 30 degrees most mornings..brrr.

Richiesliv DÅ och NU said...

That's an amazing poem M! And mind U! poems entered to a book? isn't bad, ain't it?

Let feelings flows.

Enjoy ur pm ahead!