Monday, April 13, 2009

4000ft ABove YOu

G'day, how are you all? Did everyone have a great Easter?

I am great and had a wonderful and amazing Easter with my hubby.

We did go Gliding on Friday and the experience was awesome and magnificent.

I took photos on ground and also when I was 4000 feet in the air, Enjoy.

Photos of on the way to the airfield below. That's the Grampians, the mountains in the background.
We stopped in Ararat to grab some tucker, very light food, did not want to go up empty stomach.
Photos Ararat, center of town, below....

This is the McDonald's we stopped at, I loved the big Palm Tree, had to take the shot..We went to the Ararat Grampians Soaring Club but they were having a special time during Easter and flying travelers over the Grampians. This is a private airfield for special events, not at the Grampians Soaring Club where they fly all the time.

Here is the private airfield pic below... with the Grampians Mountains.

My hubby and myself went Gliding, we flew at the same time, one in each Glider, with a pilot in each. There were three Gliders up at the same time. That was spectacular. My hubby went up first, with a Tug airplane, yellow, pulling the Glider up. As he went up, I was being told the specifics of the controls and got strapped in and ready to take off once the Tug came back.

Here is the pic of the two gliders we went in, I was in the first one, the more advanced glider which was larger with wing span of 40 feet.

Here is my Glider....
When the Tug landed, myself and the pilot were ready and the Glider was hooked up and put into position and we were ready to take off.

Here is the pic, below, of the Tug airplane that takes the Gliders up...That is me in that Glider.

Here are the controls in front of me, exactly the same as the pilots...
Fabulous, I have so many words to describe the feeling and excitement that I went through, I am almost speechless.

We were 4000 feet up and circling around the Grampians, catching thermals and little bit of turbulence. All three Gliders were in the thermal, going around, chasing each other. What an experience, so majestic, smooth, quiet and beautiful scenery.

You see all the sky, mountains, paddocks, roads, paths and everything else you can see in the distance, there were two lakes too.

Here are the pics of me Gliding 4000 feet above once the Tug plane let us go....

There was a small window to my left...And here is the approach to landing...
Here is me grounded, just before I got out of the majestic Glider..
So there you go that was the best ever adventure I have ever had in my whole life, gliding 4000 feet above everyone and everything :)

We were up there for about 20 minutes. A beautiful day it was too, sunny, some clouds here and there, just right. Just before we arrived the pilots said that it was very cloudy and not clear.

Here are some more pics on the way home...
There were few sheep farms around and wind farms.
Wind farms were too far away to take a good shot, save that for another trip.

Well I hope you enjoyed my adventure as much as I did. This was an awesome and cool experience for me and I am looking forward to more Gliding Travels. My hubby is going to join membership at the Grampians Soaring Club, many gliding adventures to look forward to.

If you would like to see some gliding in movies, I really enjoyed this movie "The Thomas Crown Affair".

Well I will leave you to your day, enjoy and be happy for the rest of the week and weekend.

Thank you for dropping by....MonikaROse :)


Sarah said...

you are certainly brave! I hate even flying in a normal plane...I avoid flying and had never flown until I was 17! Good for you, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

Rosebud Collection said...

The pictures are wonderful..I won't kid you..I am so terrified of heights, your pictures gave me a fright..So happy you both enjoy life..that is what it is all about..Good blog..
p.s. Bet you didn't feel the wind through your hair..ha, ha..