Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter and Updates

G'day my friends, how are you ? I am great, please be prepared for a long post.....

First of all, You all must have a great Easter holiday and be happy and enjoy your time with family. I have not gone all the way to buy Easter chocolate eggs, but instead I bought these great, tasty lamingingtons, choc and raspberry. I also got these very tasty biscuits, coconut drops and strawberry fills.

We will have a quite time just me and hubby during Easter. I am planning a simple dinner, rice with corn and peas, vegetables (pumpkin, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots), couple of poached eggs. All steamed in my new rice cooker which handles 6 meals in one. Also frying chicken thighs (skinned and deboned). Followed by any of the following desserts, pancakes, lamingtons, coconut drops or strawberry fills, with coffee.

Gliding over the Easter Break.

We are thinking of going to fly over Grampians with a Glider, that should be tomorrow, Friday. This will be my first flight in a Glider, I cannot wait, I will take photos and show you. I have flown in a Cessna few years back, with hubby as the pilot. Loved the experience, but felt little bit air sick, as it was my first time in a plane. This Glider will be a fabulous experience for me. The club is in Ararat Airfield and is at Grampians Soaring Club.

Song I like at the moment.

Recently I have been listening to Duffy "Rain on your Parade". Fabulous song, love the way she uses her voice, if you want to listen go here, enjoy. This song would be great in a James Bond movie.

OK now for the updates on my crocheting.

I have been working on the granny square blanket, looking great so far, loving the colors, I choose them as I finish one off. Here are pics.

I have also crochet a beanie, in green. Using two shades, light and dark and alternating them as I crochet the beanie. I used a 6.5mm crochet hook and Cotton-A yarn 5 ply, a mix of cotton and acrylic. When beanie was completed within a day, which was couple of days ago, the size was a bit tight, so I stretched the beanie out with my hands and fits now. I usually use 6.5mm with 8 ply 100% acrylic and the beanies are a perfect fit. Now I know, even the ply of the yarn makes a difference. I love crocheting up beanies and hats, I choose the colors and yarn and I can complete one in a day. Beautiful. I have so many, I will have to count them one day ;) Here are the pics.

I also completed two mobile phone pouches, with acrylic yarn. Both in purple, one a mix of purples and the other, using two yarns one of white and one of purple, giving a stripping effect, love that one the most, it is my favorite. Here is the pics. For these two I used a 4mm crochet hook with single crochet stitch. I love making pouches with this style. They work up fast within two hours I have one completed. When I use multicolored yarns I love the resulting effects on the completed pattern.

Look, if anyone would like one, The Stripey One (as I call the pouch, one on the right), I will be happy to custom make one of your choice of colors. I love the effect it has with white color as the main and then any favorite color. I can put a special order in my store for you. The pouch would be similar to this description and price. Let me know in the comments if you would like one.

Ok that is all for the crocheting side. I have been beading too. I beaded up these two zipper pulls for my warm and favorite tops. Here are the pics.

That is all for the beading, I have made many others, earrings, rings, bracelets, that will be another post for another day. Love beading. Recently got myself round nose pliers, now I can make perfect loops on my wires :)

Now for my Resin adventure...

I think I have mentioned that I would like to try my hand in making things ! with resin, well I picked up the resin equipment and I tried making some jewelry pieces and other objects. I bought one mold with 11 objects and only last week I stumbled on a silicon tube ice maker. Excellent I thought for embedding objects in, thus on my travels I picked up some twigs and such, not a bad result, lots of bubbles as you will see in my picture..

Here is my workstation, in the laundry on the washing machine, when not in use, everything else is occupied with crochet and computers .... !!!!! :):)

Here is the Resin

Here is the color in powder form, makes it look pearled.

Here are the ice tubes and the twigs embedded and a couple with wires.

Here is the twiggy one, try to capture the bubbles, but not that good.
This is the top
This is the bottom or undersideThis is the side
I also like making shapes with wires, like copper and tinted silver over copper. I made some shapes and embedded them in the ice tube and jewelry shapes, not bad. I also used purple color, lovely shade, metallic pearled. Here are some pics.

Not bad, most still need sanding and polishing but I like working with resin, just have to work on the bubbles, sometimes bubbles are nice. I am almost out of resin, I should be able to make a small shape, but I ran out of plastic cups to mix the resin in. Also I ordered the original 11 shapes of jewelery mold, that has come in and all I have to do is pick it up and get more resin too and other colors to try. I cannot wait, soon. With Easter, not sure when I will be able to pick them up, maybe next week.

Well, I think this has covered this week, thank you for being patient and for reading.

Last but not least I have some pics of the beautiful sky and waters on my travels.

I have enjoyed writing this post, to update you all on my surroundings :)


MonikaROse :) smile and give your pets a hug, they deserve all our love, mine are great enjoying the sunshine outside :)


Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Wish I can fly too §:-))

Hope you both enjoy your trip. Seems your adventurous like us too.

Wow... your project really looks wonderful. How I wish I can do like you.

I have to struggle looking for the thread n the hook, eh?

Job well done, girl.

Hugs on a Happy Easter!

Rosebud Collection said...

You are one busy lady..What great work you are doing..Everything is beautiful, from the blanket right down to the resin stuff..Wonderful.
Happy Easter to you all..