Monday, April 20, 2009

G'day Got Photos

Hello, how is everyone? A beautiful and sunny day here in Aussie Land....and yet I am half frozen inside the house, my feet that is, no socks and thongs.

Well anyway, as promised on the previous post, I was going to show you photos of the current projects that I have started, so here they are. If you do not mind there are few photos, so grab a cuppa and enjoy.

This is the crochet table runner and coasters

With the coasters, I used the pattern that I started of with when I crochet my beanie/hats, that way I know I will get a circle.
I am enjoying this runner, it is nearly done.

This is the resin project

Below the resin, two part, 950g of clear resin

Below is the Bright Gold powder pigment color that is mixed into the resinBelow are the two molds, sphere and coaster

Below are the sucker tubes, fantastic for perfect control of pouring/squirting the resin/color into the molds, flexible and easy to useBelow is the Jewelry mold, with 11 popular jewelry shapes, fabulous, love them all
Below are the shapes that I have filled, using both colors, purple and gold, separately and mixed together and layered

Below, two pictures, one above and the other side, is the sphere, 2 1/2 inches. I layered this one with both colors, purple and gold. I started with the purple then gold. I love the effect.

Below, two pics, are the hearts, I love these, great effects. I am planning on sticking two together to get a 3D heart.

Below are the coasters. The first one, on the left, cracked and chipped on me, the mix was not that good, but the second was great, perfect size for cups, I will enjoy making few of these, with different colors and effects, maybe embedded small objects, like flowers or leaves or computer bitsBelow are all the other shapes from the jewelry mold. I have selected only few for the first round, the rest I leave for another day. They are purple not blue as in pic.

I just love making these resin shapes, they are fun and easy to create. I will have to get more colors, they are a bit expensive from Barnes.

They will completely cure in 7 days, ready for use. In the meantime, I will sand down any rough areas and polish them. I still need to get a hand drill so I can make small holes, so I can put jump rings through and hook them up to key rings or earrings or necklaces.

I will make more coasters and spheres. I have ideas for the sphere, I will be able to embed few items inside. I bought many years ago, some genuine stones from Australian National Geographic Shop. I will put them inside and preserve them forever.

Ok I think I have covered all.

Just wondering, if anyone knows what I can use to polish the finished resin shape?

I would like to thank everyone for their comments, I read them all. I check them everyday, love to hear what you think. Look forward to reading them.

Have a Fantastic day and week ahead.

it is 21st of April 2009, Tuesday

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Rosebud Collection said...

You are a busy person..What great work you are doing. Everything is wonderful and the colors are beautiful..Good job..Do you think the haircut helps, if so, I might give it a try..can you see it now?
Old Lady in the USA goes off the deep end..