Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hooked on Resin

G'day another beautiful, sunny and warm day here in Ozzie Land on Wednesday 22nd of April.

I tell ya, I am hooked on this resin and creating lots of shapes and embedding objects to preserve them forever. I just need to get some silicon to make my own shapes and molds of objects that I have around the house, especially paper weights, I have few of them all different shapes. With few of these I will be able to embed few more objects than just one or two. I will also have to get more colors too.

Anyways, yesterday, I made another few jewelry shapes. I also made a Sphere which I embedded with my rocks from Australian National Geographic shop I bought years ago. I made another coaster too. Here are the pics.
I just love these hearts, guess what, I just made another one, I made one before, so I thought I would make another to match and stick together.
Cool coasters, I just made another one, just before and the left over resin I made the other heart.

Great sphere, love the embedded rocks, not many bubbles this time, happy with that, wish the rocks where more in the middle, have to wait for the first half of the resin to gel up more so it supports the rocks and not sink. Still learning, more practice will be fantastic.Fabulous, got to get my hands on more colors. I was told I can use eye shadow powder, but guess what I am not a makeup lady, but I might go and look out for the cheaper ones, see how they go, I am a sucker for colors.

Well that is all for now....I am working on the table runner, nearly there. We are also going to Ararat again this Friday, my hubby will be joining the Grampians Soaring Club, remember the Glider experience, might go gliding on the day, looking forward to the drive, we might stop by the Wind Farms. Cool, will keep you posted.

Enjoy your Day :)



Anonymous said...

I have to agree. I love resin too. There are just so many possibilities with it. I have some pieces coming in the summer.

Fiber Deviant said...

i havent gotten into resin yet... but have certainly enjoyed looking at your resin projects!

kinda gives me that "crafty itch" -- like i might wanna try it sometimes!